Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Valley of the Dolls or Betty Draper?

I decided to post this feature in celebration of the season premier of Mad Men this past Sunday. Betty was conspiciously absent from the first episode as Don settles down with his new wife. What's in store for the former Mrs. Draper this season? I think this editorial shows a Betty a few years later, twice divorced and downing dolls and alcohol while the kids are at school and greeting the mailman in a Miu Miu coat. The character reference is obvious and the use of shadows are a reflection of Betty's eventual decline from the fresh pastel-loving girl from season one. Brilliant. This "Valley of the Dolls" editorial was shot by Rosie Huntington for Harpers Bazaar UK.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekly Expense Report: Stretching Your Fashion Dollar

When I got the flyer for Old Navy's dress sale I decided to drop my fashion dollars on quantity over quality. Isn't that what summer is all about, cheap disposable fashion? Now I just have to cross my fingers that they will withstand a wash.

The lime striped tie-front jersey dress ($15) is a perfect throw it on and go staple. I will anchor the neon color with a pewter studded belt and shiny purple heels.

I saw this highlighter yellow crepe tie-belt dress ($25) featured in Lucky magazine last month. I was thrilled that it flattered and I received so many compliments at work. Fashion advice--- Always pair a real belt with dresses instead of those little self-tie belts. Use the self-tie belt for your hair or as a scarf with a different outfit, but a cheap dress always looks more expensive with a real belt. I chose red.

This drawstring raglan-sleeve jersey top ($25) is retro perfection. It will look great with red trousers at work or magenta shorts and wedges on my day off. Maybe even those yellow jeans I plan on buying. I'm resisting going back to buy it in red.

The florals at Old Navy right now remind me of pin-up Hawaiian prints and this floral-print racerback tank ($18) is no exception. I will be pairing it with my high-waisted pencil skirts, wide-legged trousers, and maybe even my beloved magenta shorts.

Pin-up perfect denim capris? Check! These dark denim patch-pocket capris ($30) are super flattering. I feel ready for summer now.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Style Diary: Just Another Day at the Office

One of the best things about working in the fashion industry is that you can take risks when dressing for work. This outfit received so many compliments during the day. When I went home Mr. Anachronistic Style ran for his camera the second I came through the door! I'm wilted after eight hours on my feet so please excuse the flat hair. I love pairing blue and red together for a retro nautical look!

Outfit breakdown:
Blue ponte skirt - NY&Co (similar here)
Blue leopard top - INC at Macy's years ago
Red scarf - Vivcore Pretty You scarf $10
Red slingbacks - Me Too
White sunglasses - kate spade (similar here)
Red lipstick - Avon Red 2000 $7 worn off throughout the day and patted with gloss after lunch

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday's Movie Review: Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1965) is one of those cult classics that no one has seen, which is a shame since the film is as poignant today as it was in 1965 (if you disregard that horrible cameo by Mickey Rooney!) Holly Golightly is a New York City party girl that makes her living by charming men into giving her $50 for the powder room. She is a woman of few possessions yet limitless style, the girl knows how to go from flat to fabulous in three minutes! What money she doesn't spend on rent she spends on clothes, her apartment is comprised of found objects and her one companion, Cat. The story is based on the novella by Truman Capote (and if you don't know who that is, please rectify that egregious sin immediately!) and has as many layers as an onion. The characters are so multi-dimensional for the time the story is secondary to their individual complexities. Yet the movie maintains an air of frivolity, Holly's life is like a perpetual party. Putting aside the gigolo writer love-interest, the fabulously scarce apartment, and Holly's no-one-can-own-me attitude you still have Holly's fabulous wardrobe. The outfit she wears to Sing Sing, that orange coat she wears for the day of I-never's, and the pink dress and tiara she wears when she has her breakdown are all style moments worth stealing.

Any Holly Golightly arsenal is incomplete without a Bumpit. You can further copy Holly Golightly's style with the fantastic eye mask and ear plug duo ($50). All you need is a men's tuxedo shirt for a very glamorous morning!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Like Sweets from Heaven

Marie Claire South Africa had this jaunty little spread for January 2012. Prada Resort 2012 invites the 60s-inspired patterns, sorbet colors and bold makeup to come out and play. The silhouettes are very 40s while the Pop Art patterns make the clothes modern again. Notice how the same hat worn multiple ways ties all the images together.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekly Expense Report: Beauty & the First Capris of Spring

Between checking out the Fall 2012 fashion shows and my everyday life I'm afraid I've fallen off the blogosphere. Ironic how inspiration finds you only when you're busy. I've started a running tab to keep track of all my beauty purchases this year, I want to know how much it costs to be me.

I couldn't let the limited edition Carousel Gloss Collection ($65) slip through my hands. I've been drooling over swatches for months and couldn't wait to try out these crazy colors for myself. So far I've worn cherry on top and I've been very happy with it, the beautiful packaging always makes me smile! Hurry and order yours before it is gone!

When mixed with water that green mud up there becomes one of my favorite cleansers--Lush's herbalism ($28.75/8.8 oz). I love to use this cleanser in the morning to wake up my skin, tighten pores, and slough off dead cells. I use the Tea Tree Toner Water ($20) morning and night to remove leftover makeup, tighten and prep my skin. My last bottle lasted me a year!

Meet my new summer uniform. Bright capris + heels + top + bright lipstick will get me through the warm weather. If these babies don't stretch out horribly and retain their fitted pin-up perfect shape you can bet I'll be ordering the other six colors of the slim fit twill capris ($50).