Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday's Movie Review: The Seven Year Itch (1955)

The thing that I love about old movies is realizing that the pastoral, picturesque ideas that our grandparents paint of their day are completely fictional. Who knew The Seven Year Itch (1955) is actually a movie about infidelity, seduction, and fantasizing? Richard Sherman is a book editor whose wife and son goes to Maine for the summer while he stays in the city to work. A model moves in upstairs (played by Marilyn Monroe) and begins Richard's summer of unresolved sexual tension.  The comedy of the movie lies in Richard's absurd fantasies involving the girl upstairs, his wife, and multiple other women in his life. His mental condition spirals downwards throughout the movie until he becomes the personification of cognitive dissonance. The only thing keeping Richard's libido in check is the model's sweetness and innocence, in the end she proves that she has more character than Richard. The movie is best known for the white dress billowing over the subway grate scene, which never actually appears in the movie in all it's glory.

Get the look: The white dress defines not only the movie but Marilyn Monroe herself and is probably one of the most recognizable dresses in all of movie history. Every anachronistic fashionista needs one so head on over to  Trashy Diva's Dottie dress ($163) and pick one up. Wear it all summer.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Style Diary: Memorial Day Weekend Festivities

I spent memorial day weekend in Port Clinton lake-ing in style. Summertime is all about stripping down a wardrobe to the bare minimum. I always struggle every Ohio summer to dress utilitarian yet stylish but I believe I'm getting better year after year.

No trip to a lakeside resort is complete without a "healthy" amount of golf-cart riding. This is our personal golf cart, butter-yellow with a striped awning. I've discovered the joy of city shorts from WHBM so I buy them in every color. I always wear flats with shorts because of that old addage--a lady knows the higher the hem the lower the heels. My tank is a cheapie from Old Navy, the print is very pin-up vacationing in Hawaii. Sunglasses and untamed lake hair complete the outfit.

The  perfect way to start the day is a morning boat ride in the Boston Whaler. I prepared for an afternoon on the water with a messy bun corralled with a vintage green scarf. My new green swim top is a refreshing change from last years red Marilyn number. My kate spade's sunnies are back again and my lipstick is MAC Morange. The perfect boating companion is Sadie, a corgi-westie mix!

After the boat ride I slipped on this navy and white striped number to attend the Walleye festival. I wore my favorite mid-heel mules and wrapped my boating-bun in another vintage scarf. My lipstick is Lime Crime Retrofuturist. The day was so easy and carefree we walked around and ate our way through the fair. Here I am sitting down to enjoy fried pickles and raspberry lemonade shaved ice on the lawn.

There was a petting zoo for only a dollar! There were piglets, a baby coyote, strange-looking birds, a hedgehog, tortoises, kangaroos, goats, llamas, antelope and holy cows from the Himalayas. I was trying to pet the animals without getting licked.

The final treat of the day was a fried snicker bar. Honestly, I didn't need to know such a thing existed!

Hopefully we'll be heading back to the lake for Independence Day for a few more days of relaxation and recreation.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer in Style with L'Wren Scott

Now that I've got my new job, new apartment, new husband and new car situation ironed out (Whew!) I should be able to get back to my regular posting schedule. I'm in love with L'Wren Scott's first resort collection. Resort collections are my favorite since the clothes are always wearable. The cuts are 1940s style with cheeky prints and bright colors. I love the shoes and bags in the matching print but I would lose the strange military hats.

I've been devoting myself to my Pinterest account, hop on over for some inspiration!