Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekly Expense Report: The Lingerie edition

This week's shopping has been all about stocking up on basics and some much-needed lounge wear. I always buy new pajamas when I'm going on a trip, you never know when there might be a fire in your hotel.

My everyday go-to bra is the balconette by Cacique. It comes in size 36C and up so busty girls rejoice! It comes in lace and smooth ($36-46). I bought the black, pink candy (hot Barbie pink!), and the dazzling blue lace (looks purple but is a true indigo/blue-purple!). I'm eyeing the fern green (bright true green) lace next! This bra pulls the girls up and together like nothing else!

While I was shopping Cacique I picked up some PJs. The smallest size they carry is perfectly oversized for that stolen-from-your-boyfriend fit but comes in cute girly prints. I bought the coffee cup rolled leg sleep pant ($33) since I am such a coffee addict. So of course I needed the Latte print muscle tank ($27) to wear with the pants, the coffee cup says "Hot Stuff" and the heart says "I love you a latte!" Mr. Anachronistic Style finds it adorable, he is also a coffee addict. I rounded out my Cacique trip with the Vivid dots cropped sleep pants ($30) since I am a sucker for bright colors.

I went ahead and bopped on over to Lane Bryant. My jeans of choice are dark, flare leg, and high-waisted so the Dark wash flared jegging ($60) fit the bill nicely. They give me the perfect, relaxed 70's vibe for fall!

Shoedazzle was having a buy one get one free sale so I was able to score Mira and Sailor for only $40!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tutorial: How to Style a Beehive

This blogger has a great little tutorial on how to style a beehive. I have yet to master my bumpit so this may be a little advanced for me...I want to try anyways!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mad Men + Banana Republic!

I am excited about the Banana Republic + Mad Men collaboration coming to stores August 11th! I see that leopard coat, cardigan, and skinny gray pants in my future. The dresses will be judged purely by how well they fit but you can bet I'll be trying all of them on. Mr. Anachronistic Style will also be getting his Don Draper on.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Style Diary: Retro Red Weekend!

Decided it is time to share my own outfits on my blog, put a little more of myself out there. This is my first style diary post. I spent this weekend swimming, boating, drinking, catching up on my glossy reading and finishing season three of True Blood. All in retro style, of course!

Red Marilyn Swimsuit: Lane Bryant
Polka Dot Sunglasses: Claire's, last year
Red skull scarf: Traded for on MUA
Face: BRTC BB Cream SPF 28
Lips: Avon Ultra Color Rich lipstick in Red 2000 ($7), my favorite everyday red lipstick!
Nails: China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le
Pearly white goth girl complexion: naturally blessed!

As you can probably tell red is my power color. I don't let my red hair keep me from piling on the red, I treat red as a neutral the same way other women treat black or tan. Red goes with everything, brightens my complexion and elevates any outfit. I'll belt a purple dress with red and add red shoes, I'll wear red pants with any top, and when I'm not working you'll always find me in one of my dozen red lipsticks.

Oh yeah, and meet the girls. I measure at a 36G so I was super excited about this Lane Bryant swimsuit that ACTUALLY FITS THE GIRLS. Never before have my girls been so supported, I also like that the suit can switch from halter to a traditional swimsuit to alleviate the neck pain caused by toting around such large tracts of land. I hope LB brings this swimsuit back year after year in different colors and patterns!

There is no Weekly Expense Report this week, gearing up for Otakon means squirreling money away!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Daily Dose of Pretty : Metropolis

There's no Weekly Expense Report this week and work is killing me so here, have your daily dose of pretty. This art-deco inspired shoot is called Metropolis by Dusan Jaukovic for Morfium Couture. Maybe Metropolis (1927) would make a good Thursday movie review?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Vintage on Etsy: Collars

The Etsy shop rococonouveau sells these adorable little peter pan collars for instant vintage flair. Imagine these over a basic crew-neck tee or dress for instant vintage gratification, or wear them with a strapless number for an unexpected necklace. The shop is also a study in the power of great marketing...the models and props take a hum-drum accessory and make it to-die-for (if the collars were photographed on a plain white background they would be less drool-worthy!). The photos excite the imagination as well as the pocketbook! Prices range from $15-35.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekly Expense Report: A Vocabulary Lesson

Banana Republic:
–noun Usually Disparaging .any of the small countries in the tropics, especially in the Western hemisphere, whose economies are largely dependent on fruit exports, tourism, and foreign investors. (Webster's).

What a name for a retailer! I had a shopping trip at the good ol' BR and I am quite proud of myself. I bought tops. I never buy tops. Skirts and dresses are constant buys but for some reason I hardly buy tops, so two tops and only one skirt is quite the accomplishment.

This tunic top is called the flutter tutu tee ($30) so how could I not get it? The melon color is darling and I love how the "tutu" balances out my busty frame. And it is on sale!

This celery green pointelle ruffled open cardigan ($80) is such a fun color for summer and perfect for working in an air-conditioned building in the summer. I found a tank in the same color to go under it so now I have a twinset.

I buy way too many skirts for work so I bought one especially for my days off. This knit striped layered skirt ($50) is so comfy and flirty. The website only has the navy + white combo but the one I bought in store was white + gray for a more tonal look. I may be heading back for the navy!

Lime Crime Makeup was having a 24-hour Facebook sale so I placed my first order! I've been wanting to try the lipsticks ($16) for a while so the sale was a great excuse. I purchased Retrofuturist, Cosmopop, and Mint to Be. I can't wait to get them so I can try them!