Sunday, February 17, 2013

Juicy Couture Spring 2013

Every season I like to pick a style direction---usually a fashion collection, promo pics or a movie that toes the line between current trends and retro styles. Anachronistic style is all about mixing the current with classic retro which is why I find this promo video from Juicy Couture so inspiring. This spring I will be all about 60s glamour with some Hollywood edge, one part spoiled rich girl and one part beach-y car-show greaser. Since I'll be heading to L.A on a business trip next month I can't imagine anything more appropriate! I will be pulling out my pastel colors, hotel-wallpaper-inspired prints, polka dots, and cropped everything for a Mod yet nautical capsule collection to get me through my business trip in style!

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ten Delicious Ways to Smell Like Roses

In the month of February I've been thinking a lot about ways to get myself in the Valentine mood. Many women find fragrance very sensual and there is nothing like a good rose fragrance to make me feel like the sexiest woman on the planet! Roses have been bathed in, poeticized, and planted in gardens for centuries due to their romantic qualities. If you are new to bathing yourself in roses here are some of my favorite products and ways to indulge in this timeless art.


1) Margarita Bloom's Wanderlust Hibiscus and Ginseng conditioner in "Roses" ($22) - this conditioner started me on a serious rose kick which is why I can't stop talking about it! I never knew how clean, sweet, and pure rose could smell until I discovered this little gem. I keep a full bottle with me at all times and reapply every three days because that's how long the scent lasts!
2) Lush's Imogen Rose perfume ($2-$70) - A gorgeous combination of rose absolute and rose oil with a touch of powder. Get the big bottle, you won't regret it.

With Jo Malone you can have a scent coffret!

3) Jo Malone Red Roses home candle ($65) - Jo Malone is known for exquisite fragrance and "red roses" is no exception. A combination of seven different roses mixed with violet, lemon, and spearmint to create a voluptuous rose fragrance to fill your home. This scent is available in various forms such as a room diffuser or cologne as well!
4) Mighty Leaf Tea Mandarin Rose tea ($12) is beautiful, aromatic, and tastes of wine, chocolate and roses. Could there be a more perfect blend for February?
5) I love the idea of drawer liners, what a quaint and simple way to fragrance your clothes! Imagine pulling a perfectly matched set of bra and panties from a drawer that exudes a lilting rose fragrance. Can there be anything more chic? has several options but I love the Asquith & Somerset English Rose Scented Drawer Liners ($18/six sheets) for their botany book illustrations.

Marie Antionette would approve of this salt soak!

6) Antionette's Rose Garden Himalayan Sea Salts ($18) - Another divinely scented product from Margarita Bloom! I love how this salt soak fills the bath room with the smell of roses, softens skin, and scents you from head to toe!
7) Lush's Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie ($35) - The moisturizing qualities of this shower smoothie are unparalleled! This one has a touch of jasmine for a smooth rose fragrance that won't leave your side. Smooth it on, rinse it off, sniff yourself all day.
8) Fragrance in a car is often overlooked which is why I love this Vintage Rose Auto Air Freshener ($6/pack of four) hanging from the mirror. The 3-D design is very rockabilly. You can also find this at your local Pep Boys.
9) Lush's Rose Jam Bubbleroon ($6) - I adore this bubble bar for it's rich rose fragrance with a touch of coconut for sweetness. You can get two baths out of this one too!

Excuse me while I order these with my husband's credit card!

10) A Real Bouquet of Roses! ($35-65) - Roses are great in any room of the house but I especially love them in the bedroom. They look so elegant on a lady's nightstand in colors that complement the room. After you get your roses USE THEM. Crumple a rose in your bath, scatter the petals over your sheets, or make candied rose petals for cooking.