Saturday, February 5, 2011

Clinton Kelly's Must Haves Part 2: The accessories

Now that we have our clothing basics let's add the finishing touches.
These are the pieces that you can mix and match with your basics to create a wide variety of looks and that you will wear season after season until they wear out.

10. Trench Coat: Basic but better! The tipped mini-dot trench coat from Black House | White Market ($188) is a classic femme fetale look cutesified with polka dots, contrast piping, and a bow at the back.

11. Psuedo-neutral Day Bag: Why yes, leopard is a neutral. You can wear it with black, tan, brown, or olive so it won't clash with other neutrals. Lucky Me Kiss Lock Leopard Purse by Lux de Ville ($69, Plastic Land) is perfect and the red flower is even removable!

12. Metallic Finish Clutch for Night: I like to balance sexy evening wear with something cutesy so I'm in love with this Juicy Couture polka dot clutch ($119.99). The little metallic polka dots will fit Clinton's bill while still delivering a healthy dose of cute into your evening.

13. Killer Heels: Sky-high and pink. What more could a girl want? Plastic Land's Going Gaga Hot Pink Patent Platform Pumps ($39) are everything a retro diva's play shoes should be.

14. Sandals: The antidote to the Old Navy flip flop these adorable sandals are walkable due to the platform. The print is little hearts! Pinup Girl Clothing has this Retro Style Wedge in Black and Pink Heart Print ($42) for a very rockabilly summer! Also available in less-neutral red heart print and solid turquoise.

15. Ballet Flats: These shoes are made for walking so go for a comfort brand! These cute Born Katherine Lampone Leather flats ($95) evoke 50's charm and are as appropriate with dresses and skirts as cropped pants. The pink color is still neutral without being boring.
16. Boots: A little Lolita, a little Victorian, these great boots are available in great colors. Poetic License Toughen Up boots ($139.27)