Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mad Men and High Fashion

While books have been written on the relationship between fashion, music, and television any connoisseur of all three can see the connection (Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen, Anna Sui designing for Target based on the show "Gilmore Girls" etc.) In this vein the TV show "Mad Men" has charmed critics and designers alike and suddenly full-on 1950's fashion has been strutting down the runways and posing in editorials. Fitted bodices, full skirts, gloves, framed purses, and the classic slingback is back in high style. Louis Vuitton's new Fall/Winter ad campaign features dresses and bags presented in Mad Men style. While I would never carry a LV bag I am suddenly tempted to dye my hair that coppery-Christina-Hendricks-red that is popping up everywhere...

I declare July Mad Men month for this blog! Expect more style to come!