Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekly Expense Report: Yet More Lingerie

I have a confession to make: I am utterly addicted to lingerie. Any retro purist will say that the proper undergarments set the tone of the whole outfit so what better way to bring old-school glamor into the everyday with retro-inspired lingerie? Your day just goes better when your bra and panties match. My lingerie collection has grown so much that I switched my jean drawer with my bra drawer! I blame my increasing interest in Burlesque and actually finding bras that fit.

How cute is this? The pink corset demi bra ($46) is so cheesecake! Of course I had to pick up the matching garter skirt ($25, check local stores) as well!

The stripes, they slay me. The striped balconette bra ($42) and striped sheer back boyshort ($18) taunted me until I brought them home.

I needed a third panty to get my 3/$29 panty deal so I picked these up. The matching bra was sold out in my size but at least I can enjoy the ribbon slotted hipster panty ($18) with her bows and roses!

I had to get something frivolous for Valentine's Day...we're just going to pretend that all these sets aren't the dotted lace up hipster panty ($18) made the cut. The sheer pindot fabric really appealed to me and it is going to coordinate with a lot of other bras I already own.

The picked up these little beauties from Shoedazzle ($40). Want to stop traffic? These will do it and they are super walkable! I like to pair them with bright tights. These are actually knock-offs of Jeffrey Campbell's Foxy Wood ($120).

Sunday, January 15, 2012

More More More!

This Editorial is titled "More More More!" and that's about all I know. A little dowager chic, cotton candy-colored hair, and the artful reveal of lingerie are the unifying themes of this shoot, I just wish I knew more about it.

Weekly Expense Report: Vintage Shopping

Mr. Anachronistic Style and I spent a snowy day in downtown Delaware, Ohio trolling through the antique stores. We had lunch at Bun's before visiting three antique stores and one vintage clothing store. We rounded out our day with Babycakes bakery and coffee at Choffey's where I kicked Mr. Anachronistic Style's butt at penny hockey. Good day.

I found quite a few treasures at DPS Antiques and collectibles. I couldn't go home without the pink feather plume pen I scored for only $9 and Mr. Anachronistic Style found some old photographs of infinitely stylish people for only $1-4! I found quite a few bobbles, my cherry pin was only $2 and the green clip earrings and pin set were only $7.

The $3 tray above was also purchased at DPS antiques for my vanity and I couldn't resist sneaking my plume pen in there again. The candy-colored necklace was scored at Sandusky Street Antiques for only $10. I also found some amazing vintage lingerie--peach tap shorts and a romper that would have come home with me if they had fit.

We visited Captain Betty's Vintage and I was very impressed with the selection. Betty herself though is a loon and I may have left a bad review at the link above. *cough cough* I scored the pretty art-deco bauble pictured above with my McQueen-esque scarf for a cool $38. Since she had men's vintage I snapped Mr. Anachronistic Style in his new $6 vintage tie.

After an hour at Betty's I was ready to order my first Vivcore dress set ($132). I love the fact that I can get a vintage look while enjoying the pleasures of shopping new (and actually find my size!) I have so many outfits planned already for these separates.

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Love Affair with Ana Antunes

I'm such a sucker for whitewashed interiors with a touch of color. I love the full-on glamour of this personal space designed by Ana Antunes. The soothing palette of lavender and aqua is enlivened with dashes of lime green. Modern furniture mixed with romantic flourishes (that chandelier! that aqua rococo chair!) create a feminine yet relaxed setting. Check out Ana's blog and start your own love affair with this woman!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Margarita Bloom's: Retro Vintage Beauty & Skincare

I've been on a virtual shopping spree for hours, delighting in the website design and hundreds of beauty combinations offered by Margarita Bloom's. The site is comprised of classic paintings, inspiring quotes, and delightful illustrations. Angelfood cake scrub, french milled soap, raspberry lime pinktini soak, and rich drizzle body oil have all made it into my imaginary cart. I'll be imagining opening my parcel and delighting in the scents and packaging that is Margarita Bloom's until my next payday. Has anyone else tried this lovely brand?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Weekly Expense Report: A Very Stylish Christmas

I must have been a good girl this year to get so many wonderful and stylish presents. I will not be listing prices due to the spirit of giving but links are provided for purchasing.

I received the Candy Violet Pretty You 4 piece set in siren red from the in-laws. I can't stop marveling over all the pieces, so cute and easy to wear. The flower pin, hair bows, scarf and bow hat integrate seamlessly into my current wardrobe.

This gorgeous green leopard collar 60s coat is from Asos via my mother-in-law! I love how it looks like the one Andy wears in The Devil Wears Prada.

Mr. Anachronistic Style deemed me worthy of this gorgeous Betsey Johnson tea party satchel! I can't stop staring at it, it is perfect in so many ways. Love the bows, the quilting, the interior. I will carry this for years.

My dream is to have a kitchen full of pink KitchenAid appliances. My wonderful in-laws bought me the first piece with this beautiful 7-speed digital hand-mixer! I will be baking cookies.

Mr. Anachronistic Style's cousin and his wife bought me these mixing bowls to go with my new hand mixer. So thoughtful and much needed!