Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crystal Renn + Elle Canada January 2010 part 1

The big-girl du jour Crystal Renn did some yummy photoshoots for Elle Canada earlier this year. If the modern rococo background was not enough to make me fall in love Crystal is rocking some '50s Hollywood glamour complete with "frills, feathers, sequins and dazzling diamonds"--like sugar and spice and everything nice this is what girls are made of.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Designer coats worth the price!

My winter coat bit the dust last year and with impending winter I am on the hunt. I'm coveting the ones from Mackage so much I was actually contemplating saving up $800 for a new designer coat. Then I looked at the size chart and remembered that high fashion is reserved for a size 10 and under. (Honestly, would it kill designers to go up to a 12 or 14 like every other clothier that serves adult women?) The Mackage aesthetic is classic mid-century style done in modern fabrics with modern detail, every coat would look at home on a retro diva as it would on a modern woman. Sometimes a classic is a classic, and sometimes a classic is spectacular.

Be sure to check out Mackage RTW section for Victorian-style blouses and an awesome men's collection.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mad Men Style dresses

July got away from me without posting all the fun things I wanted to share for Mad Men month so I will be sharing Mad Men style into August. Pinupgirl Clothing has a sexy new assortment of Betty Draper and Joan Holloway dresses ready to order now and later this fall. If you're looking for Peggy Olson...well, good luck with that.
The Joans:

The Betties:

All styles are available from Pinupgirl Clothing and range from $96-118.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mad Men and High Fashion

While books have been written on the relationship between fashion, music, and television any connoisseur of all three can see the connection (Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen, Anna Sui designing for Target based on the show "Gilmore Girls" etc.) In this vein the TV show "Mad Men" has charmed critics and designers alike and suddenly full-on 1950's fashion has been strutting down the runways and posing in editorials. Fitted bodices, full skirts, gloves, framed purses, and the classic slingback is back in high style. Louis Vuitton's new Fall/Winter ad campaign features dresses and bags presented in Mad Men style. While I would never carry a LV bag I am suddenly tempted to dye my hair that coppery-Christina-Hendricks-red that is popping up everywhere...

I declare July Mad Men month for this blog! Expect more style to come!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anachronistic Swim 2010

It is after Memorial Day ladies and my twenty-five years on this earth has taught me that finding a suit on sale at the end of the season is a pipe dream. Don't kid yourselves any longer, the time to buy your suit is now! I've gathered a fantastic smattering of retro 1950's-inspired suits to meet the demands of the retro diva. Don't forget the sunscreen darling!

Adorable gingham bikini from Bravissimo - $103. Perfect for large busted ladies the top runs 30-38 D-G.

If you want to look as if you stepped out of a cheesecake calender this Sailor Suit from Modcloth - $125 is for you!

This is what I'm ordering this year, Bravissimo's polka dot one piece - $73. Another gift to the busty woman this one run 30-38 D-H! I'm going to rock this with white cat eye sunglasses and a white wide-brimmed hat.

Stop Staring!'s cherry retro two-piece - $122 is surprisingly flattering for those that have a bit of a tummy but still want a bikini--the higher cut bottom holds everything in for a great hourglass figure! Also comes in solid black.

This beauty from PinupGirl clothing - $76 is so iconic! It also comes in black on the site and Modcloth ($90) has a very similar suit in an array of colors, plus sizes too!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Music - Kerli - Tea Party (Almost Alice)

I was very unimpressed with the new Alice movie but at least this little gem was discovered on the soundtrack. This video can only be described as a visual feast of fantastical fashions and fetishes. The art of the tea party has been revived in the West by lolitas and time warpians, a set of Wedgwood tea cups is as essential as a BtSSB dress or a top hat to those who practice anachronistic lifestyles. Kerli brings a fresh combination of Marie Antionette's style, lolita, fantasy, goth and fetish to her tea party. Also note her fine collection of Asian Ball-jointed dolls featured in this and her "Walking on Air" video--another testament to the growing popularity of this luxury hobby. I'll be keeping my eye on this artist.

I have a sneaking suspicion she is not talking about tea though...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world...

I'm a big fan of Christian Dior, I'm not gonna lie. Recently the line has had a direct line to my fashion funny bone and I always look forward to the resort(spring) collection. Last year we were taught how to wear lavender and leopard together, this year we are treated to a collection taken from the pages of Barbie's style book. Purple leather, pink mod dresses, floaty frocks and cupcake dresses round out the Resort 2011 collection. The clothing is classic 1950's and 60's silhouettes in princess colors--the effect is a little lolita, a little rococo, and very retro. I can't wait to see this stuff in stores next year.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Modern rococo interiors

The French Bedroom Company is another brand that embraces modern rococo interiors. A great company for those who live in the UK the site offers all the tropes of modern rococo--French carved furniture in glossy black or white + Venetian mirrors + chandeliers + modern lucite furniture--and then kicks it up a notch with a little moose lodge accessories like the horse lamp and cowhide rugs. The result is pleasing and a little more masculine for those who actually have to share their living space with a man.