Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inexpensive splurge...wax seal jewelry

With computers and e-mail the art of letters and penmanship has long fettered out. Honoring these traditions Waxing Poetic Jewelry brings us trinkets reminiscent of long hours huddled over a writing desk, quill dipped in ink by the light of a lantern, and letters sealed with red wax. All the pieces are silver or gold-plated silver for real heirloom-quality pieces. All letters are available for a personal touch!

Miniature Crest Ring - $38

Envelope necklace - $70

Square silver charm bracelet - $130

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Must-see blog...Jesus Diamante

Jesus Diamante is one of those up-and-coming Japanese designers. The company has been around since 2003 and has six boutiques in Japan. The product is not available for purchase online but there are "shopping services" that can pick up anything you want for a fee. The style is not quite Lolita but vacillates between rococo, doll-style, and retro. I'm totally in love with EVERYTHING, especially the shoes! Jesus Diamante carries bags, stoles, shoes, hair accessories and beautiful jewelry for those of us that aren't Asian-sized. Scroll down the home page for pics of new products as they arrive HERE!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Corsetry and Petticoats, Oh my!

Every lady needs a foundations wardrobe, while Spanx may be effective they won't fill the vintage requirements of an anachronistic fashionista. Enter Vivien Hoffpaur of Candy Violet's retro waist cincher ($36) and petticoats ($39-56) to carve pudgy middles into a sleek hourglasses. The cincher's lace panels, waist bands, steel boning and garters make a girl feel sexy under her lolita frock or retro wiggle dress. Viv's classic fluffy petticoat now comes in four colors--pink, blue, black and white. Perfect worn under 1950's full dresses, lolita skirts or on their own as street fashion (think Betsey Johnson!)