Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thea Cadabra's Naughty Shoes...

I'm shocked it has been almost a month since my last update! I've opened my new store and spent a week in Los Angeles for training, from here I should be able to relax a little and get back to blogging! With Spring in the air I've been lusting after new shoes, these beauties from Thea Cadabra caught my eye.

This beauty is known as the "maid shoe" for good reason! That apron detail on the toe, that perfect pleather bow, those long shapely legs for the heel...I love how these toe the line between sweet and naughty. 

Ah...the "suspender shoe!" Perfect retro styling with garter strap details and gorgeous two-tone leather. These are so period perfect yet perfectly not, these are the most perfectly perfect shoes ever!

All of Thea Cadabra's shoes are made-to-order so the chances of finding some are very slim. If I ever go to England I can make it my mission to order a pair, it would just be so hard to choose which! For more shoe prettiness check out her shoe archive here. Especially those yellow palm tree ones...

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